Suwanee Residential Painting Services Help Make Your Home Look Great

A home isn’t complete without a coat of paint, inside and out. The right color can make your home look better to passersby and any visitors. Though it can be tempting to do it all on your own, specialist firms such as Proactive Residential that offer residential painting for Suwanee houses can greatly help make your painting experience better and easier.

Paint the Walls White

Paint Selection

People may think that choosing a color is all a matter of preference; however, it is actually a lot more complicated than that. For your house’s exterior, note that your choice can be influenced by several factors, including the colors of your neighboring houses, the type of image you want to present, and what sections you want to emphasize. Usually, a pair of complementing colors should be chosen, with one being the main color and the other as the accent. A professional Suwanee house painter would be able to suggest what paints can get the effect that you want. Furthermore, outdoor jobs should consider the durability of the paint; oil-based paints can handle a lot of weather exposure while latex is easier to work with and can be just as durable.

Interior painting is a whole different matter. The color of your rooms must be chosen depending on the type of mood you want to set. Professional painters can recommend colors that would fit the existing décor and the aura that you want. For example, soft hues are used in bedrooms to encourage a cool and relaxed atmosphere, while brighter colors are used in the living room and other publicly accessible places of the house.

Proper Preparation

Many people assume that all you need once you get the cans of paint is open them up and start brushing. Doing it that way, however, can result into early flaking and ill-painted walls. Professionals prime (clean up) the surfaces they plan to paint and remove any traces of past paint, which is done by either sanding or scraping with the right equipment. Residential painters also lay down plastic covers and masking tape to help ensure that paint doesn’t splash unnecessarily onto other surfaces.

Exterior and Interior Painting

The painting itself is a lot easier when you have the help of professionals. Instead of spending the day with paint rollers and brushes, you can leave the work to them and come back to a house that looks good as new. Most importantly, a professional painter’s knowledge of painting techniques ensures that the job is done quickly and well; there’s no need to worry about painting mistakes when you’ve hired a painting service to do the job.

(Source: 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colors, HGTV)


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