Suwanee House Painting and other Inexpensive Living Room Makeover Tips

When one talks about re-decorating a living room on a tight budget, a single, simple expression is highly likely to pop out: “It’s impossible.” Since the living room is practically every home’s centerpiece, i.e. where household members and guests spend most of their time, it has to be amazing—and “amazing” doesn’t go well with “cheap.”

However, low-cost interior decorating is possible with various inexpensive methods. One simply has to know where and how to find them.

Living Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget

The most logical starting point would be the walls. When it comes to re-decorating the living room on a budget, repainting the walls is the King of the Hill as the right color update can perk up an old room by giving low ceilings the illusion of added height or projecting a specific mood throughout the space. To ensure the best results, this job is best left to a pro from a local Suwanee residential painting company such as Proactive Residential.

After setting the overall tone of the room with a nice selection of colors, it’s time to go personal. This involves positioning a series of either wall art like stencils, setting up new draperies, rearranging throw pillows according to a specific theme, or hanging original artwork in a predetermined and attractive arrangement. A nice new cover can also breath new life into a dull sofa set.

When redecorating a living room on a budget, two “Rs” can mean big savings: repurpose and refurbish. Places like the attic or basement are sure to harbor some neglected pieces that can be used to spice up the living room—an old lamp, dresser, reading materials, or even seasonal décor—anything that might be of good use to the task at hand will do. These old items may also be revamped (i.e. an old drawer or dresser can be repainted to look good as new).

Lastly, this might be the perfect opportunity to rearranging the furniture layout to match the mood of the newly repainted room. Sticking to the same furniture layout year after year can get pretty dull, after all. The task might be a bit exhausting, but the end result should be worth it.

Refurbishing a living room is really as simple as starting off with a new Suwanee house painting job, then taking things from there. The room itself may still seem miles away from what’s depicted in magazines, but the refreshing new look in the end is all that matters.

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